Several types of commercial spaces are covered by commercial interior design. A commercial interior design is not limited to offices and shops. Still, it can also be an interior design for restaurants, spa centres, or any other type of property. Commercial properties all have one thing in common: they all generate income. We offer first-class design services for corporate, retail, and commercial properties with a special focus on project management. It goes without saying that commercial renovations are an essential aspect of the business since they ensure safe, practical, and productive working environments.

As one of Singapore’s best commercial interior design firms, Le Créateur crafts the best commercial spaces. We understand that Interior design is not only about beauty but also about providing a comfortable working environment. Through close collaboration with our clients, we create interiors that allow them to fully express who they are and the values behind them. We’ve established a leading position in the commercial interior design and renovation industry by offering quality craftsmanship. Whether designing commercial or residential spaces, our reputation has been established by achieving highly individualized results for a wide range of clients.


The interior design of business space is important. As a leading expert in high-performance office interiors in Singapore, we know that well-designed offices can help to achieve more. Well-designed offices inspire teams, enhance collaboration and create great customer experiences. It’s important to realise that every office, no matter how big or small, has potential; and our aim is to help your office achieve its best through great interior design in Singapore. An office or retail space’s layout and flow are essential to both client’s and employee’s experiences, which will directly impact a company’s long-term success. With the help of a talented and experienced commercial interior designer, a struggling business can grow into a thriving one.

We train our commercial interior designers to prioritize safety and functionality without sacrificing aesthetics or style. As one of the best commercial interior design firms in Singapore, their training also includes ensuring everything within the physical structure is safe and up to code. They are involved in crucial structural decisions throughout the renovation and construction process and work closely with manufacturers and contractors. Office renovation, interior design service, and furniture solutions are all offered under one roof by Le Créateur.

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As a commercial interior design firm, we help businesses add value to their investments by offering services. Our interior designers and architects at Le Créateur create inspiring interior designs that reflect the company’s brand, image, and values.

Through our professional expertise and wealth of experience, we will work closely with you on every stage of the project, from the design brief to the final deliverable. Attention to detail is an important part of our approach to every project.


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