Landed homes are one of the pinnacles of established living. It requires different skills to renovate a landed property in Singapore compared to renovating a condominium or HDB unit. The area of a land-based property is much larger than the space of other types of residential housing. These landed units are perfect for including additional features like a garden and garage on a larger plot. Such projects, therefore, require a higher level of expertise in terms of interior design.

An investment in a landed home provides a secure foundation for a family to realize their future and set up an investment for their future. Here is a clearer picture of what a client’s lifestyle could look like. The focus should be on a more centred lifestyle that encourages more outdoor living and full integration of indoor and outdoor living. The focus of the home design isn’t just on designing a home for now. The focus is on creating a home that is designed to accommodate future generations. With over 8 years of experiences, our team can provide the best home renovation interior design ideas in Singapore, and make it turns into reality.

The value of the interior design of landed house

Creating an attractive interior for land properties is very important to increase income. Property owners should conduct landed property renovations from time to time since functionality and comfort are the most important reasons for selling landed properties. In addition to allowing property problems to be addressed before they worsen, it will also allow you to update the landed house interior design which appeals to more clients. At Le Créateur, we offer landed house designs that will make your property stand out among your competitors. Great designs and renovations can improve the value of your landed house and make it more profitable.

Our expert interior designers at Le Créateur will work with you to understand your taste and preferences and then delicately balance functionality and aesthetics for your renovation project. Feel free to look at our portfolio for the best landed house interior design in Singapore!


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