The sensation of water touching your skin and the rejuvenating feeling pulsing through your body after every bath is the wonder of what a relaxing bath will do. Add that on with a dazzling orchestrated bathroom, you will be indulging yourself in a mesmerizing treat every time you step into the bathroom.

Aiming to provide you with a spa-like experience, we will act as the beacon that guides you through the mist and pinpoint the optimal solution that pander to each and every one of your necessities. Bequest yourself a bespoke bathroom that offers the simple pleasure of life.

Choosing fixtures and finishes is an exciting part of designing a bathroom. Still, you cannot start thinking about finer details before deciding how to maximize functionality and optimize the layout. It is important when designing a bathroom to work with the constraints of the space, since you will have to make decisions regarding how the space functions and flows. To achieve this, you’re going to consider things such as how to design the shower to maximize its comfort and efficiency, how to place a bathtub if you have the space and desire one, what type of vanity might fit in your bathroom and how to maximize the amount of natural light and airflow around existing windows. Other than our own property, in the retail line bathroom, we could also need to have a clean-cut design for their toilet. We could bring the highest comfort level to every shopper.

Here at Le Createur, with our experienced interior designers, all of the questions above can be solved through communication. Just tell us what your dream bathroom looks like and we will help you to bring it into reality.

Get your Interior Design concept and quotation with us, Le Createur Singapore.