Are you among those who feel that HDB flats will never resemble those private condominium units? A common misconception is that condo designs are classy and sleek, while HDBs are plain and boring. In fact, HDB and BTO units can also be stylish and modern. It’s perfectly possible to turn your HDB into a condo, but it starts with a good HDB interior design company!

Renovations of HDB and BTO buildings are among our most requested services. Homeowners wanted their HDB homes to meet their preferences as closely as possible when HDB properties were affordable, livable, and somewhat functional. Thus, they hire HDB contractors for some renovations, which will make their home more pleasing to the eye. As HDB interior designers, our team at Le Créateur has vast experience. With over a hundred different kinds of HDB renovation projects we’ve successfully completed for our customers, hundreds of them rated five stars. Our team of interior design specialists can assist you with any renovation task, whether a small renovation project or an entire unit transformation. We provide space-saving solutions & transform your HDB into a gorgeous home with our HDB interior design & renovation service in Singapore.

HDB apartments aren’t boring at all! Your expectations of a dream home will be surpassed when you choose us, as our expertise will transform a boring resale unit, or a bland HDB BTO unit into one that matches your expectations.

Ideas for HDB Interior Design

Your small housing unit can be transformed into a beautiful place by adding elements of a contemporary home with our best interior designers in Singapore. HDBs have communal spaces; although you can’t totally transform your exterior since it’s a shared space, you are still able to transform your interior to suit your tastes and personality. Due to the limited space of HDBs, planning the interior design can be challenging. Expertise and many years of experience are needed in order to be able to find a balance between aesthetics and functionality while also optimizing space. Our goal at Swiss Interior is to help you achieve this balance by selecting suitable interior design and furniture. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your house is, we can turn it into a beautiful reflection of your style and tastes. Our team of interior designers can provide a solution to any housing needs you may have, with the expertise and experience we possess. Whether you have a BTO flat or a resale flat, we can assist you by updating your current bland HDB interior.


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